Construction, communication, and expression were the means that Humankind developed to evolve and thrive as individuals and later on, as a society. It’s by looking at design history, that we know how it was done.

For that reason, it’s important to look back, reflect, and support it. From Pre-Historian times until the 21st century, there is an immense evolution of technology and methodologies.

On this page, there’s a quick overview of the most important marks in design history so we can comprehend the extension in this study field.

If there is something particular that you will like to know more…

Can graphic designers adopt a sustainable approach?
Though there’s a demand for digital designers, printing materials are unlikely to disappear.
Packaging, billboards, books, leaflets, there’s so much going on in the design world, and the waste is immense.

According to studies, every year, people receive about 105 billion pieces of junk mail in America alone. On top of that, Europeans and North Americans use more than 200 kg of paper per year.

So if we don’t start making collective changes, as professionals and individuals, the world we live in will disappear in a blink of an eye. …

How many times did you find yourself lost in Internet traps, taking quizzes that can tell your zodiac sign by your pizza choices? Then you take another one and another one, and before you realized you’ve spent too much time doing these quizzes to see if you find something new about your cat’s personality, wrong life choices, and which character would you be in Star Wars. So why not add design quizzes to the list next time?

From real challenging and educative quizzes to just for fun, these seven design quizzes will keep you engaged and entertained when you feel…

Everyone has their opinion about entering and competing for design awards.
Personally, I’ve been tempted to enter in A’ Design Award but always felt like the judges would give me a hard time. However, I know that the fact I haven’t won an award has nothing to do with being a good professional or meeting project’s goals, it simply means that by weighing the pros and cons, the latter were heavier in my book and I decided not to apply. Yet.

In detail, these are the factors I consider when searching and submitting applications to design awards.


Entry fee
Submission fees…

Graphic design isn’t a subject simple to define and can vary slightly according to different countries. In Portugal, although both terms are used almost with the same meaning, I’ve learned that there is a significant difference between graphic design and communication design.
In the first case, graphic design was created for printing purposes, while communication design requires industrial production.

As such, communication design implies massive production through a single creation, it’s a reproductive act. As a result, it intends to have an impact on knowledge, attitude, or behavior.
In most cases, the same can be said for graphic design. …

It’s one of those subjects that everyone fights over.
Ether because the designer thinks it’s perfect, and the client finds it dull, or maybe because two friends don’t agreed on a wallpaper’s color.
Regardless of the dispute, this is one of those topics where there isn’t a right or wrong way.
There is a lot of information, but let’s go over some fundamentals to grasp the better part of it.

What is color and how we see it

The main reason why people argue over color (other than being stubborn designers), it’s because they don’t see it the same way.
In reality, it doesn’t exist in a physical sense…

Typography is a term that refers to the usage of reusable parts of metal or wood to print a letterform — a type.
Before that, calligraphy was the method used to communicate all social events.
Nowadays, typography represents both the technique and the computer produced-text applied to design. It’s also an independent design field of study.

Even though it was invented in the 15th century, and over time gained new interpretations, the History of typography starts with the visual representation of language.
As such, on this page, we will see it from both lenses. …

What are brand and identity? These two terms are connected but represent very distinctive attributes. Identity is possibly the most intuitive one since it’s a commonality between companies and people. We can define identity as a set of traits that differentiate people or companies from one another. It’s the combination of personality, context, values, and culture.

A brand, on the other hand, is a much more complex structure. It’s not only something that a person or company defines, but also the view that others have on it. It’s a combination of tangible and intangible assets. …

The feature image is from 24x36: a movie about movie posters documentary.

Do you remember recent great movie posters? The ones that made you look and be like: “wow, I can’t wait for it to come out. I’ll be there on the first day.” I don’t either. In fact, I don’t even recall choosing a movie due to its poster, ever. Other than animation movies (those usually catch my attention), I’ve always based my choice on the official trailer.

Is it because spectators are unaware of the posters, or do they look like the same repetitive copy paste work?

The introduction of movies posters in the industry

Before the 19th century, artists used posters to communicate cultural ideas or to…

During this pandemic, we realize that people can fall into two categories: the ones that don’t know how to deal with free time — thus the internet challenges — and the ones that took the opportunity to develop their skills.

However silly they might look, there’s a psychological reason why we can’t resist challenges. It’s that feeling of accomplishment. Even small wins can make us appreciate all the hard work and time we invested.

Additionally, combining the idea of gratification with progression and a learning path makes the process even more exciting. That’s where design challenges come in.
As professionals…

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